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Custom Made Pieces

Having well over 25 years of experience, Lilliane is very aware of her customer.  

​Beginning with the initial thought process, she  knows how to engage her customer so that they understand each other and the clients desires are met. 


Lilliane is able to create or make suggestions for one's perfect piece. Her attention to detail and excellent workmanship always brings forward an exquisite completed jewel that is beautifully crafted.

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Restorations, Repairs & Redesign

Jewellery is meant to be worn for a lifetime!!  Like all precious items and things we use often, one needs maintenance  and up keep.  Jewellery is no different.

It is important to check jewellery that is worn often.  

Lilliane’s specializes in all types of jewellery repair work and restorations.


Re-designing old pieces is our specialty. We would be thrilled to give you estimates for any repair work, restoration on new or antique pieces

Appraisals & Evaluations

Walk away with a professional jewellery appraisal.  Our appraisal combines extensive education and industry experience to provide a detailed and accurate evaluation of your item, always certified by a recognized GIA graduate gemmologist.